The Cambridge Economic Development Division produces a number of publications related to the City of Cambridge business community.

Business connection

The Cambridge Business Connection newsletter provides news about local businesses, events, opportunities and programs.

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Business and industrial directory
The Business and Industrial Directory is an online listing of local manufacturers and businesses in Cambridge. It includes details on company products, employees and key contacts.
Community profile

The Cambridge Community Profile is seperated into cateogries in our Community Profile Section: 

Development charges
Learn about the development charges by-law and the current development charges.
Financial incentives

The City of Cambridge provides many financial incentive programs to reduce costs for development and improvement to sites and buildings. These programs assist contaminated sites, heritage and core area properties, and employment lands.

For more information, view the Cambridge financial incentive programs

Industrial design guidelines
The Industrial Design Guidelines helps guide development of Cambridge's new industrial subdivisions. These are the Maple Grove subdivision in the Cambridge Business Park and the Pinebush Subdivision in the L.G. Lovell Industrial Park.
Industrial developers' handbook
The Industrial Developers' Handbook outlines the process of purchasing and developing City-owned land. This includes site plan and building permit approvals.