Many Cambridge businesses have developed innovative ways to continue to serve our community, whether it is through online sales, local delivery or curbside pickup - we encourage residents to reach out to their favourite businesses and #SupportLocal!  To have your business added to our listing, please complete our business listing addition form.

Galt City Centre Businesses

Art of Home - Shop Online

11 Ainslie Street S, Phone: (519) 621-9237

Boardwalk Optical - By appointment

30 Main Street, Phone: (519) 622-1473

Bumblebabee Children's Boutique - Shop online

34 Ainslie Street North, Phone: (226) 930-1108

Cedar Lake Studios - Shop online

19 Ainslie Street North

Ciclowerks - Shop online/reduced store hours

14 Water Street North, Phone: (519) 620-2453

City Appliance and Mattress World - Open

1 Wellington Street, Phone: (519) 621-6446

Clarke Psychological & Behavioural Services - Video and telepsychology

104-19 Thorne Street, Phone: (226) 600-4712

Cornerstone Home Interior - Pickup and Curbside Delivery

90 Main Street, Phone: (519) 740-9991

Giant Tiger - Open

120 Main Street, Phone: (519) 622-5560

House of Bamboo - Shop online

9 Ainslie Street North, Phone: (519) 622-2121

Iris Arts - Shop online

59 Main Street, Phone: (519) 267-6030

Jolie Boutique - Shop online

69 Dickson Street, Phone: (519) 267-7169

Josslin Insurance - Telephone and email

107 Ainslie Street North, Phone: (888) 856-7754

Lighthouse BookkeepingPaperwork pickup or delivery, or Online

133 Beverly Street Unit 2, Phone: (226) 924-5554

Main Variety - Open

29 Main Street, Phone: (519) 623-2515

Pharmacy on Main - Open

76 Main Street, Phone: (519) 624-6700

Phidon Pens - Shop online/Curbside Pickup

63 Dickson Street, Phone: (519) 624-8787

Play With Clay - Shop online

10 Water Street North, Phone: (519) 841-7529

Pür Balance Massage -  Shop online

60-104 Main Street, Phone: (519) 622-3196

Southworks Antiques - Shop online, free local delivery, curbside pickup by appointment

73 Water Street North, Phone: (519) 740-0110

The Girl Floral - Shop online

18 Ainslie Street South, Phone: (519) 267-3331

Thyssen of Galt - Shop online

75 Main Street, Phone: (519) 623-2961

Water Street Drug Mart - Open

3-18 Water Street North, Phone: (519) 267-5666

Water Street Eye Care - By Appointment (emergency)

51 Water Street North, Phone: (519) 740-2230

Witty & Co. - Instagram Purchases

20 Ainslie St. N Unit 2

Preston Towne Centre Businesses

Etcetera Linens and Gifts - NOW OPEN!

761 King Street, Phone: (519) 653-5332

Gadsby's Clothing - Online, in town delivery and free shipping

758 King Street East, Phone: (519) 653-4571

Giant Tiger - Open

927 King Street East, Phone: (519) 650-2685

Healthy Pet - Open for business, regular hours

846 King Street East, Phone: (519) 653-6100

Home Hardware - Online or by phone/email, pickup available

718 King Street East, Phone: (519) 653-4663

Pharmasave - Open, 1 customer at a time. 

927 King Street East, Phone:  (519) 653-9444

Preston Medical Pharmacy - Delivery and curbside pickup available

125 Waterloo Street South, Phone: (519) 653-1870

Red Wind Studio - Shop online - Delivery and curbside pickup available

645 King Street East, Phone: (519) 650-8082

Sunrise Mills - Order by phone, curbside pickup available

840 King Street East, Phone: (519) 653-6661

Hespeler Village Businesses

Art-Z-Gal Interiors - Shop online/Porch drop off available

7 Queen Street East, Phone: (226) 988-4310

B&K Collectables - Shop online

6-26 Queen Street West, Phone: (519) 513-0257

Hespeler Convenience - Open

48 Queen Street East

Millpond Record and Books - Shop online

4 Queen Street West, Phone: (519) 658-9641

MK Coins - Shop online

5-48 Queen Street East, Phone: (519) 260-2646

O&V Tasting Room - Shop online

4 Queen Street West, Phone: (226) 600-3502

One Sixty One Artisan Market - Shop online

5 Queen Street East, Phone: (519) 603-7735

The Brave Brown Bag - Shop online

123 Guelph Avenue, Phone: (519) 220-0451

Other Great Locations

The Ash Stickers - Delivery and Curbside Pickup

8-350 Dundas Street South, Phone: (647) 501-8613

Daniel's Cheese - Shop online/Take out

4-250 Thompson Drive, Phone: (519) 622-7814

Once Upon a Child - Shop online

600 Hespeler Road, Phone: (519) 621-0190

SS Bookkeeping & Taxes - by appointment only

304 Gatehouse Drive, Phone: (519) 721-6892 

Visual Impact Gift Baskets - Shop online

Phone: (519) 620-8888 

Local Arts & Culture Businesses

Andrew James Smith, Artist - Shop online

20 Park Hill Road, Phone: (519) 239-6091

By Hand and Fire - Polish Pottery & Teas - Shop online

15 Queen Street East, Phone: (519) 260-2520

Claessens Furniture Studio - Delivery and Curbside pick-up

105 Devil's Creek Drive, Phone: (519) 623-5145

Crafty Creatures - Curbside pick-up and delivery

B5-940 Jamieson Parkway, Phone: (519) 279-8400

KirkwoodWagnerGallery - Shop online & Delivery

11 Thorne Street, Phone: (519) 616-2450

Krajewski Gallery and Picture Framing - Shop online

63 Main Street, Phone: (519) 267-7278

Galt House of Yarn - Shop online and Curbside pickup

110-7 Grand Avenue South, Phone: (519) 267-7337

Greg Pautler Art - Shop online

1384 1/2 Pineview Ave, Phone: (519) 653-1568

Heather Kocsis, Artist - Shop online

520 Collier MacMillan Road, Phone: (519) 781-2335

Hilborn Pottery - Shop online

59 Park Hill Road East, Phone: (519) 622-1960

Look Graphic Design - Shop online

41 Renwick Ave, Phone: (519) 651-0189

mined reCREATIONS - Shop online

1916 Coronation Blvd, Phone: (515) 196-5312

Music Lives Inc - Shop online, delivery and curbside pickup

Contact: https://musicallives.com/contact_us

Painted Out - Shop Online & Curbside pickup

57 Main Street Cambridge, Phone: (519) 267-4343

Painted Snowflakes - Shop online, curbside pickup, free delivery over $50

Cambridge, Phone: (519) 277-2203

Rachel Cleland Music Studio - Online piano and singing lessons

Cambridge, Phone: (226) 929-1973

River Rock Mandalas - Delivery

Cambridge, Email: singowda.n@gmail.com, Phone: (519) 781-3962

Vision Photography - Shop online

Cambridge, Email: laura@vision-photography.ca, Phone: (226) 808-7209

Working Reel Productions Inc - Online coaching

211 Queen St West, Phone: (519) 342-3456 

Yulokod Studios - Shop online

16 Wellington Street, Phone: (416) 801-6607

Recreation and Sport Businesses

Ageless Arts Yoga - Live Online Yoga classes, workshops & training

Online, Phone: (519) 498-1017

Kazoku Marital Arts Centre - Online classes and coaching

175 Beverly Street, Phone: (519) 716-3857

Modo Yoga - Shop online/Online classes

20 Ainslie Street North, Phone: (519) 267-7468

ProActive Training - Online classes

112 Melville Street, Phone: (519) 497-6231

The Hub Bicycle Shop - Shop online/Drop off Service

22 Queen Street West, Phone: (519) 249-1473


Please email our staff at invest@cambridge.ca with any questions or concerns.


Restaurants are considered an essential business and many in Cambridge remain available for take out/delivery orders. Consider supporting our businesses and ordering from one of our local establishments or trying a new restaurant! 

Patios across Waterloo Region are now open! Visit the map to discover a new restaurant, or or see if your favourites are offering patio service!  Let's work together to support our local restaurants!

Please contact us at invest@cambridge.ca if you experience issues with our map.

Take Out Tips:  Staying safe while you #DineAtHome

Experts agree that takeout/delivery items from restaurants are generally considered to be a safe food option. However, following these precautions can help ensure a healthy dining experience:

  • Double Check. Before ordering any services, residents should double-check with the business that Public Health requirements are in place in terms of safety protocols and social distancing measures. 
  • Remove the packaging: Use your own dishes and cutlery to eat from, disposing of all paper and food containers.
  • Wash your hands:  After handling food packaging, be sure to wash your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds prior to eating.
  • Practice physical distancing:  For takeout experiences, ensure you maintain physical distancing by waiting for an order in your car or using the drive thru.  For delivery, designate a space outside your front door for the driver to leave the order.  Pay electronically where possible, and use your own pen if signature is required, or tap is not an option.
  • Avoid peak hours:  By ordering earlier or later than usual, your food may be ready more quickly and it could be easier to observe physical distancing recommendations.
  • If you are sick, stay home:  We all need to do our part to keep our communities healthy.

Dine From Home map

Disclaimer:  Please note this is not an exhaustive list of services currently provided within Cambridge, Ontario.  It is intended for information purposes only, and does not endorse any of the listed businesses.

Food services available throughout Waterloo Region

Waterloo Region has many restaurants and grocers offering a wide variety of cuisines to our communities.  Cambridge has partnered with Waterloo and Kitchener on a map to promote the various food options available across the region.

Share your support!

We hope that by using common graphics and a coordinated social media push, we can come together to share our collective support for local businesses.

Whether you’re a shop/restaurant owner or customer, you can get involved in the #DineFromHome and #ShopFromHome campaigns. We’ve created tailored graphics that can be downloaded and shared on your websites and social media channels.


Facebook graphics for sharing 

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For Restaurants: #DineFromHome Serving twitter social graphic

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