High-Tech manufacturing is a key sector in Cambridge, which includes:

Cambridge's manufacturing sector includes more than 500 businesses and employs more than 15,000 people (about 22 per cent of the City's labour force).

Learn more about Cambridge's key sectors related to high-tech manufacturing - automotive and pharmaceutical sectors.


Manufacturing in the City of Cambridge has developed over centuries. The sector constantly improves through innovation and integration of new technologies to increase efficiencies and productivity. Today, high-tech manufacturing improvements come from engineering experts and systems providers in the area, such as:

A number of innovative companies have roots in Cambridge, including:

Support services

A number of manufacturing supportive services help Cambridge companies grow and innovate.  

Conestoga College
Conestoga College offers training and education programs for a variety of business sectors. Conestoga is one of Ontario's fastest growing colleges and a leader in polytechnic education. Conestoga's programs reflect Ontario's changing job market and helps students build skills and knowledge that today's employers are seeking.
Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium
The Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium (EMC) offers members a variety of services and programs to help them grow and become more competitive in the manufacturing industry.
Scientific Research and Experimental Development Tax Incentive Program
The Canadian Government's Scientific Research and Experimental Development Tax Incentive Program encourages Canadian businesses to do research and development in Canada by offering tax credits to applicants. 
Waterloo Region Manufacturing Innovation Network
The Waterloo Region Manufacturing Innovation Network (MIN) is a free online network which supports and promotes awareness, excellence and innovation within the Canadian manufacturing industry.