The City of Cambridge has over 4,300 acres of land zoned for industrial use. Through the efforts of the Economic Development Division, the City develops and markets parcels of industrial land to a variety of manufacturing and service industries.

Buildings for sale or lease

Learn about available sites and buildings in the city of Cambridge. 

Business parks

There are three major industrial areas of Cambridge. The newest park, the Boxwood Business Campus, is located in the Cambridge Business Park and offers City-owned lots for sale.

Cambridge Business Park
The Cambridge Business Park is a City-developed industrial park consisting of 850 acres. Located north of Highway 401, the Cambridge Business Park is next to the 400-acre Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada assembly plant.
L.G. Lovell Industrial Park
The L.G. Lovell Industrial Park, south of Highway #401, consists of 1,300 acres of land. There are a number of industrial buildings for sale or lease. The area has quick access to Highway 40 from Highway 24 and Townline Road.
Eastern Industrial Park
The Eastern Industrial Park is a 300-acre industrial park accommodating a range of industries, from heavy to high tech, that contribute to the City's economic base.

How to buy City-owned industrial land

The process to purchase City-developed industrial land is simple. It takes 4 to 8 weeks to complete the process, which City of Cambridge Economic Development staff coordinates.

  1. Our staff works with each client to prepare a Draft Agreement of Purchase and Sale (APS). The draft agreement includes negotiable terms which meet the needs of the client and the City. The City's Solicitor prepares the APS at the City's expense. The Purchaser reviews it with their counsel.
  2. Once agreed upon, the Offer is signed by the Purchaser and submitted to staff with a five per cent refundable deposit.
  3. Staff submits a report along with details of the Purchaser's Offer and development plans to City Council at a closed meeting for Council's consideration.  
  4. City Council approves the land sale through a Resolution and the passing of a by-law, which requires a majority Council vote.
  5. Once approved by Council, the land sale transaction and closing usually occurs within 60 days.
Broker's Client Registration Form 
The Client Registration Form is required to be completed by agents/brokers in order to qualify for commissions
Performance Clauses

Each land sale has Development Covenants and Restrictions (performance clauses), which control the development timing, design and other features. These clauses also provide an option for the City to repurchase the property if the development does not meet the timeline in the APS.

Purchasers of City-developed industrial land must meet conditions within a certain time period after taking title to the land, such as:

  • Construction must start within one year of the purchase date
  • Construction must finish within one year of the construction start date
  • Minimum building coverage is 20 per cent of the total land area
  • If the purchaser fails to comply with the conditions above, the City has the option of repurchasing the land at 90 per cent of the original purchase price
  • If an extension of time to complete construction is granted, the Purchaser shall pay to the City, by way of liquidated damages:
    • An amount equal to the amount of municipal taxes which the Purchaser would have been required to pay had a building or buildings been constructed as above required
    • An amount equal to any increase in value of the Property (for the purposes of this clause, the term "an amount equal to any increase in value of the Property" shall mean the difference between the amount paid by the Purchaser and the amount which would be paid for the Property based on the price established by the City for industrial property as at the time of the request for the extension)
  • The Purchaser agrees that he will not sell the unimproved lands without first offering it to the City at the original purchase price
  • The building or buildings to be erected on the Property and the location thereof, and the filling, grading and drainage patterns on the Property shall be subject to prior approval by the City. (Approval of plans and specifications shall be based on the criteria established in the "Urban Design Guidelines" publication for the Cambridge Business Park.) The following criteria are some of the criteria:
    • The architectural design of buildings will result in quality buildings with clear lines constructed of glass, manufactured or natural stone, and precast concrete as preferred materials (other materials will be reviewed on an individual basis with respect to the architectural quality)
    • Parking located between the road and building fronts will be limited to visitor parking and designated accessible parking of prescribed area and location (remaining parking requirements and the service areas for the buildings shall be located to the sides and rear of the buildings)
    • Landscaping will include foundation plantings near the building and a minimum density of 10 deciduous trees per acre of land selected from the City's list of approved tree species, or through consultation with City (the City prefers that native trees and shrubs be used)
    • Sustainability features are encouraged in the design of the site and building

Developing industrial and non-residential lands

There are a number of important regulations related to industrial development in Cambridge.

Development charges

Development charges apply to all lands in the city of Cambridge, except lands owned by and used for the purposes of the municipality, school board, hospital or farm related structures. Any industry contemplating a plant expansion or constructing a new building should be aware that we calculate development charges based on the total area of the new construction. We collect these fees at the building permit stage.


View City of Cambridge Development Charge Brochure for current rates. 


The City adjusts charges semi-annually on January 1 and June 1 in accordance with the Quarterly Construction Price and Statistics Canada Catalog 62-007. Adjustments to Regional charges happen on January 1 each year.

Non-Residential Development Charges for the City of Cambridge, the Region of Waterloo, and the regional school boards meet the regulations of the following by-laws:

View the Waterloo Development Charge Brochure for more information.

Please note that for industrial additions, up to 50 per cent of the existing building floor area may be exempt from the City and Regional Development Charges. View the by-laws listed above for details.

Learn about City of Cambridge zoning regulations and by-laws.
Site planning
The necessary site plan application can take 8 to 16 weeks to process. You can submit this application at the same time as your building permit application. Please note that site plan and building permit fees apply.
Need help?
Contacts related to industrial development in Cambridge
Department, Division or CompanyPhone NumberTopic
Economic Development Division, Office of the City Manager

(519) 740-4683 OR

(519) 740-4615

Industrial land sales
City Clerk (519) 740-4680 Business Licensing
Planning Operations (519) 740-4650 Zoning and site plan process
Building and Enforcement Services (519) 740-4613 Building permits and sign permits
Engineering Services Division (519) 740-4682 Service locates, lot grading, water connections
Fire Department (519) 621-0754 Hydrants, fire access routes
Energy+ Inc. (519) 621-3530 Hydro service and easements
Union Gas (519) 885-7453 Natural gas service
Bell Telephone Service (519) 310-2355 Telephone service and rate information
Fibre Optics Bell Canada (519) 744-0510 Internet service and rate information
Rogers Business Solutions 1 (888) 623-0623 Internet service and rate information
Ministry of the Environment 1 (800) 265-8658 Air emission standards
Ministry of Labour 1 (800) 265-2468 Employment standards , health and safety
Ontario Government Information Line 1 (800) 268-1153 Provincial government business services
Region of Waterloo Public Health (519) 575-4400 Health and food safety information
Region of Waterloo  Engineering (519) 575-4550 Regional Sewer and Water Connections
Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) (866) 296-6722 Property Assessment Info.
Ministry of Transportation (MTO) (519) 873-4100 MTO Permits
Grand River Conservation Authority (GRCA) (519) 621-2761 GRCA Permits