Businesses continue to expand and build their future with us. In 2018,   new construction permits for Industrial, Commercial and Institutional are valued at $56.2 million in 2018.  New construction accounted for 625,614 square feet while existing buildings added 249,761 square feet valued at $21.9 million including renovations.


Building activity is one way the City of Cambridge monitors development in the community. The City monitors the rate of building construction by tracking building permit activity in the industrial, commercial, residential and institutional sectors.

Development activity in 2017

Development activity in 2016

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Development activity in 2015

With a year-end total value of about $185.7 million, building permit activity in 2015 was lower than activity in 2014. Building permit activity by sector in 2015 was as follows:

  • Residential permits, $83,414,937
  • Industrial permits, $15,540,000
  • Commercial permits were $6,029,500
  • Institutional permits, $25,794,000
  • Other, $54,924,768
Building permit activity by sector

Below is a summary of construction value and area of construction for each sector.

Industrial sector
Summary of industrial sector construction value and area of construction in 2015:
Type of ConstructionArea in Square Feet (sq ft)Estimated Value
New construction 122,270 $9,945,000
Additions 33,394 $5,575,000
Renovations and other 4,988 $20,000
Commercial sector
Summary of commercial sector construction value and area of construction in 2015:
Type of ConstructionArea in Square Feet (sq ft)Estimated Value
New construction 25,442 $3,560,000
Additions 5,974 $310,000
Renovations and other 32,880 2,159,500


Institutional sector
Summary of institutional sector construction value and area of construction in 2015:
Type of ConstructionArea in Square Feet (sq ft)Estimated Value
New construction 53,348 $10,494,000
Additions 32,106 $15,300,000


Residential sector
A total of 429 residential units were constructed in 2015 with an estimated value of $83,414,937.
Industrial development projects

Total industrial permit values for 2015 were valued at $ 15.5 million, with $9.8 million in new construction being completed in the Cambridge Business Park. The information below includes details for major 2015 industrial development projects.

1574 Eagle Street North Incorporated

Location: 1574 Eagle Street North

Size: 40,000 sq ft

Details: Addition to existing warehouse

Estimated Construction Value: $1,200,000

762715 Ontario Limited

Location: 10 Natura Way

Size: 13,823 sq ft

Details: New assembly facility

Estimated Construction Value: $1,265,000

2359154 Ontario Incorporated

Location: 525 Saginaw Parkway

Size: 1,249 sq ft

Details: Interior finishing for medical office

Estimated Construction Value: $85,000

Autocanada Cambridge

Location: 1962 Eagle Street

Size: 1,787 sq ft

Details: New tire storage building

Estimated Construction Value: $50,000

Conestoga Meat Packers

Location: 33 High Ridge Court

Size: 711 sq ft

Details: Addition for trailer washing

Estimated Construction Value: $120,000

CPS Canadian Primoflex

Location: 1220 Balmoral Road

Size: 2,720 sq ft

Details: Renovation of existing main floor for new offices and replacement of a portion of former mezzanine

Estimated Construction Value: $170,000

DDS Automated Machinery Design Incorporated

Location: 35 Thompson Drive

Size: 4,618 sq ft

Details: Shop addition

Estimated Construction Value: $220,000

Eclipse Automation Holdings

Location: 110 Thompson Drive

Size: 4,807 sq ft

Details: Addition of 118 square metres per foot of second floor area and finishing office space

Estimated Construction Value: $325,000

Grand River Foods

Location: 645 Boxwood Drive

Size: 14,426 sq ft

Details: One-storey office addition and two-storey production area addition

Estimated Construction Value: $2,100,000

Region of Waterloo
Project A

Location: 201 Savage Drive

Size: 3,681 sq ft

Details: New household hazardous waste drop-off building

Estimated Construction Value: $1,000,000

Project B

Location: 900 Beaverdale Road

Size: 446 sq ft

Details: Replacement of chemical building, including new prefabricated building and new outdoor storage pad

Estimated Construction Value: $1,000,000

Project C

Location: 395 Montrose Street South

Size: 516 sq ft

Details: Preston Wastewater Treatment Plant odour control upgrade

Estimated Construction Value: $230,000

Tawse Realco Inc. Canadian

Location: 125 Dundas Street

Size: 2,035 sq ft

Details: Interior finishing for Meridian Credit Union (Unit 101)

Estimated Construction Value: $200,000

Toromont Industries Limited

Location: 260 Industrial Road

Size: 3003 sq ft

Details: New storage warehouse for existing repair and rental facility

Estimated Construction Value: $100,000

Toyota Motor Manufacturing

Location: 1055 Fountain Street North

Size: 4,266 sq ft (addition); 840 sq ft (relocation); 3,528 sq ft (storage building); 646 sq ft (training centre)

Details: Addition of metal building to production control area; relocation of existing LKG Team Room; new unheated fabric building for storage; construction of new GPC training centre and indirect material control room in north paint shop

Estimated Construction Value: $241,000 (addition); $135,000 (relocation); $100,000 (storage building); $80,000 (training centre); $556,000 (total value)

Voss Holdings Limited

Location: 75 Heroux Devtek Drive

Size: 20,533 sq ft (facility) and 20,582 sq ft (foundation)

Details: Manufacturing facility (Shimco) and foundation construction with installation of site services for new manufacturing facility

Estimated Construction Value: $1,750,000 (facility) and $50,000 (foundation); $1,800,000 (total value)

Westco Cambridge Incorporated

Location: 80 Goddard Crescent

Size: 54,817 sq ft

Details: Construct industrial shell (Fedex)

Estimated Construction Value: $5,400,000

Commercial development projects

The total commercial permit values for 2015 were valued at about $ 6 million, lower than the 2014 value of $18.5 million. The information below includes details for major 2015 commercial development projects.

2359154 Ontario Inc.

Location: 535 Saginaw Parkway

Size: 1,560 sq ft

Details: Interior finishing for dental office

Estimated Construction Value: $214,500

2385187 Ontario Limited

Location: 26 Water Street North

Size: 8,734 sq ft

Details: Construction of new three-storey building to provide ground floor commercial space and two-storey residential space

Estimated Construction Value: $1,500,000

ACW Properties Incorporated

Location: 89-103 Main Street

Size: 607 sq ft

Details: Re-clad exterior wall, extend main floor face to be flush with second-storey wall

Estimated Construction Value: $200,000

Canadian Commercial (South Cambridge) Incorporated

Location: 125 Dundas Street North

Size: 6,254 sq ft

Details: Construct three-unit shell building

Estimated Construction Value: $650,000

Electrical Safety Authority

Location: 400 Sheldon Drive

Size: 4,450 sq ft

Details: Renovate existing office areas in unit 1 and 11, demolish and replace Mezzanine in unit 11

Estimated Construction Value: $300,000

Gpm (12) Gp Incorporated

Location: 612 Hespeler Road

Size: 4,507 sq ft

Details: Shell building

Estimated Construction Value: $250,000

Grand Ave Health Centre Incorporated

Location: 156 Grand Avenue

Size: 5,947 sq ft

Details: Construct new four-unit, two-storey office building (building shell only)

Estimated Construction Value: $1,100,000

Karanda Limited

Location: 540 Jamieson Parkway

Size: 10,490 sq ft (paint store); 12,000 sq ft (contractors' office)

Details: Interior finish permit for new paint store and interior finishing for Hy-Mark Mechanical contractors office, including showroom and warehouse

Estimated Construction Value:  $900,000 (paint store); $450,000 (contractors office); $1,350,000 (total value)

Properties R Us

Location: 485 Pinebush Road

Size: 2,729 sq ft

Details: Interior finishing for office

Estimated Construction Value: $120,000

Solar Dental (Cambridge 1) Incorporated

Location: 125 Dundas Street

Size: 2,817 sq ft

Details: Interior renovation for new tenant

Estimated Construction Value: $190,000

Tarola Enterprises Incorporated

Location: 44 Barnes Road

Details: Foundation and underground plumbing permit for new transport truck dealership and repair facility

Estimated Construction Value: $60,000

Institutional development projects

In 2015, institutional building permits were valued at about $25.7 million, which was lower than 2014 values. The information below includes details for major 2015 institutional development projects.

1260377 Alberta Limited

Location: 45 Commerce Court

Size: 43,290 sq ft

Details: Christian Labour Association of Canada training facilities, two storeys with an office area

Estimated Construction Value: $10,000,000

City of Cambridge

Location: 12 Water Street

Details: Renovation and addition to old Galt Post Office for restaurant and library

Estimated Construction Value: $10,000,000

Conseil Scolaire De District Catholique Centre-sud

Project A

Location: 450 Maple Grove Road

Size: 144 sq ft

Details: Two new portables

Estimated Construction Value: $128,000

Project B

Location: 640 Trico Drive

Size: 775 sq ft

Details: New portable classroom

Estimated Construction Value: $64,000

Waterloo Catholic District School Board
Project A

Location: 127 Elgin Street North

Size: 13,166 sq ft

Details:  Interior renovations and addition to Saint Anne C.E.S.

Estimated Construction Value: $3,500,000

Project B

Location: 15 Gatehouse Drive

Size: 5,068 sq ft

Details: Four classroom additions to existing elementary school

Estimated Construction Value: $1,800,000

Waterloo Region District School Board

Location: 710 Myers Road

Size: 4,650 sq ft

Details: Erect six portable classrooms

Estimated Construction Value: $120,000